A high percentage of our customer base has been gained through word-of-mouth and recommendations from other satisfied clients. Here is just a small sample of what they say about us...

Earth Monkey   www.earthmonkey.co.uk

Dear Whoever

As you're reading this, I can only assume you're thinking of placing your print work with Print Evolution.

Good call. They're amazing!

I place large amounts of printwork for my clients, and would never look anywhere else for digital print. Over the past year Kelvin has completed no end of projects for me, and each has been met with honest advice and his hallmark dedication, plus a great big cheery smile.

What sets Kelvin apart (besides his record speed of delivery) is that he simply refuses to let anyone down. When he printed my new brochure, his supplier had problems with a folding machine. Knowing I had a deadline, Kelvin roped his entire family in over the weekend to do the job manually. That's customer service!

So what can I say? I would (and in fact do) recommend Print Evolution to anyone and everyone. Just give Kelvin a chance to impress you. I promise, he won't let you down.

James Daniel

Managing Director.

Lagrafica   www.lagrafica.co.uk

In the graphic design business it's sometimes easy to take the view that creative types don't always stick to the typical rules and constraints that your average businesses adhere to. While lagrafica strives to provide a professional service whilst retaining its creativity, we have on occasion been disappointed and let down by our print suppliers.

However, Print Evolution and Kelvin Smith in particular have provided a quality of service that, in my professional experience has not been bettered.

Notwithstanding the value for money that someone in my position appreciates, the level of customer care is what impressed me most.

Last week Kelvin and Print Evolution endeavoured to supply my clients with printed business cards 30 minutes before they were due to attend an important meeting. While this may seem like they're cutting it fine, consider that the business cards were not due to be printed until the following week, and following a quick phone call, the cards were printed and dispatched immediately. Needless to say my clients were very happy, which not only reflected well on me as their provider but also on Print Evolution's commitment to customer satisfaction.

I was also informed last week that a leaflet run was reprinted as Kelvin was unsatisfied with the quality of the print and did not want to supply what he considered to be a poor product to another of my clients.

By providing a service such as this, Print Evolution have given me the confidence to know that when I make a promise to a client that I can deliver on time and to the required level of finish.

Thank you Kelvin, I look forward to working with you in the future.

Daniel Lewis

Creative Director, Lagrafica.

Perfect Moments Photography   www.perfectmoments-photography.co.uk

Steve Smith has stated that his company can produce good quality work and at very short notice and a price not to be beaten. I had passed him referrals for the printing of business cards and post cards for students of Glamorgan University and also students of The Atrium, Cardiff.

Some of the stationery ordered was two weeks before required, giving not very much notice for the work to be carried out. However students being students some of them had left it extremely late, giving just two days' notice.

Steve being Steve took it all in his stride and promised that he would complete the work on time. He did. He even took on and completed work for some of the students with just twenty four hours' notice.

The final pressure came when my daughter, one of the students, was let down by a book printer she had trusted to produce two books for her final project. This was less than twenty four hours before her deadline.

My daughter phoned me in a panic, as daughters do and asked what was she going to do, her three years' hard work was all for nothing. After a short while I remembered Steve mentioning in a conversation a few weeks prior that they also produced paperback books. I phoned him and arranged to take the artwork to him. I did so and just four hours later I returned to my daughter at The Atrium, Cardiff with the books as promised.

An elated daughter, a super hero father and a printer that does what it says on the tin. Just perfect.

Many Thanks,

John Spencer.